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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


In just a few more days, Annabelle's Attic will be opening a Poppye Shoppe on the cool site Lemon Poppy Seeds!!! YES!! One of my opening listings will be this wonderful black raggedy, made from one of my designs, and ready and awaiting a new home!! She is made from muslin that has been painted, stained, baked and sanded for the primitive look. She has a stitched face, perle cotton hair, and button eyes. Her dress and pantaloons are made from coordinating 100% cotton prints and have been stained and baked as well! She has little raggedy stockings and black shoes that have been painted on, and baked and sanded. This little raggedy is about 15" tall, and can hang or sit. She is available for $34 which includes Priority Shipping in the USA!!


Party Girl Patti is ready for a celebration!! She has her party dress on, as can be seen in the cute print of party hats and party phrases such as "Celebrate" and "Life's a Party"!! She has wonderful 'loons of a pink print featuring squares and dots. Patti is a grand 17" tall! Her face is stitched, and she has great black button eyes. Her deep raggedy burgundy hair is handspun 100% wool, and has been securely stitched to her head. Patti's socks and shoes are handpainted, and she has been nicely stained, baked and sanded for the prim look!! Patti is made from my own design, which hopefully will be published soon! Patti will probably live with me until she debuts when Annabelle's Attic opens on the upcoming site Dandelion Darlings! However, should you desire to take her home, she is available for $42, which includes Priority Mail shipping with in the USA.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Lindy Lou is a lovely raggedy, 16" tall, and this particular outfit is what she will wear on her pattern cover, too!! Yes, I have declared 2008 the year to get organized, and get some of these designs out to share with others!! I can do it!! I can become The Queen of Organization!! I CAN!! I CAN!!! Please email me if you would like to be on my mailing list, and be notified when each new pattern is released!! an added bonus.......I will sneak in little mail list good deals here and there, too!! You wouldn't want to miss out!! :) Raggedy Hugs, Trudy

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I'm sure that everyone has an alter ego. Some just don't let theirs out!! In an attempt to become more organized, I have decided that I would have a separate blog for my raggedy world side of me!! My original blog, Caw! Caw! (my Crows in the Attic Primitives blog) will remain as my main blog location, and I will post mostly raggedy stuff on this blog!! Sounds like a plan to me!! I would love for those of you that have linked my other blog to consider linking this one, too!! THANKS!! I hope you will enjoy visiting to see what is going on in my world of primitive raggedy dolls and such!! Raggedy Hugs, Trudy