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Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

As we begin what for many is a long holiday weekend, please take a moment to remember those that have served our country, and given the ultimate sacrifice.  Be safe as you enjoy the weekend!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I LOVE making this raggedy!!! She is perhaps my favorite...but I have many favorites!!  :)  I have just listed this one in my Etsy Shoppe, Made to Order, with your choice of dress color!!

She is a wonderful 17 inch primitive rag doll, sure to please the raggedy annie lover!!

Stop by and take a look!!

Prim Raggedy Blessings, Trudy

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!  Oh where, oh where has this blogger gal gone????  I believe I am the perfect example of that old adage.....too many irons in the fire!!

My apologies for my negligence in keeping my blog updated, interesting, and inviting.  I will make a better effort at keeping my house in order!!

Some of the exciting news of recent times is that once again my work has been published in PRIMS Magazine ~ the wonderful publication by Stampington and Company out of California.  They are publishers of many wonderful art and craft type magazines, with PRIMS being one of the newest.  PRIMS was first published in the Spring 2010, twice a year.  Now it will be published three times a year!!

If you don't have your Winter 2012 issue of PRIMS, you may still be able to find it on the newstand at your local bookstore, fabric shop, or arts and crafts shop.  You can also order it by mail at

Among other things, I have three raggedies in this latest issue!!  I will post them here!! Enjoy!!!  And please...rush out and get or order the magazine now if you don't already have it!!  You will not be disappointed!!

Until next time.......Raggedy Blessings to all!!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Hello all raggedy lovers!!  I have some new raggedies just for you!!  Please stop by the sites where I regularly list my dolls, and see if you might find something that you would just love to have in your home!!  One can NEVER have too many raggedies!!  Raggedy Button Annie is a sweetheart, wearing her wonderful button necklace!! She is made from a Polka Dot Pig Primitives pattern.  Thank you for sharing this great design, Julie!!  You can find this wonderful doll in my Annabelle's Attic shop on Simply Primitives!  Another great new doll on Simply Primitives is Raggedy Daizy Mae, made from a design by Maureen of Sweet Meadows Farm.

Wally and his dog Woof are available on The Primitive Gathering in my Annabelle's Attic shop.  Wally is a great boy raggedy, a design by Julie of Polka Dot Pig Primitives.  Wally's little pup is my own design.  Raggedy Annie and her Star are available here, too!! This raggedy is another Polka Dot Pig Primitives design, with an Annabelle's Attic touch!

Look for more raggedies over at Lemon Poppy Seeds and Country Fried Primitives, too!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!  Raggedies fill the heart with love!!  Just give one a chance!!  :)  Raggedy Smiles, Trudy

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hello, everyone!! I just want to remind you that I have some WONDERFULLY PRIM raggedies, awaiting new homes, and your home might be just perfect for one or more of them!!

Available on Simply Primitives is this wonderful new design, a very simple rag doll.  She is about 17 inches tall, and I am working on the pattern for her as well!!  Also available on Simply Primitives is this big gal, Raggedy Patty! 

Thank you for stopping by!!  Please use the links on the sidebar to see more wonderful raggedies to add to your collection, too!!  Be sure to email if you have questions!! 

Prim Raggedy Blessings, Trudy

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Spring has sprung for many, and snow is coming for others!! Welcome to our world!! I love both, so I am content!! Here at 6,000 feet in the Colorado Rocky Mountain Front Range we have a bit of both.....Spring green leaves, tulips and daffodils....and snow on the way!! That is Spring in Colorado, and I LOVE it!!

Hopefully all is well with all of you! Thanks so much for stopping by my raggedy blog, and please sign up for my mail list, if you have not done so already!

First of the month updates have been listed for Annabelle's Attic on Lemon Poppy Seeds. I have some lovely raggedies still looking for homes, so I hope you will find something that you must have!! Many raggedies can be viewed following the links on the left sidebar for the many sites that I list my little rag dolls on!! Please stop by for a peek!!

Thank you for stopping by Annabelle's Attic!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Gosh! Nearly April??? Can't be true!! But it IS true!! My goodness!!! I have never had a busier year in my entire long life!!

First of all, thank you so much to all of you that have signed up on my mail list!! I am way behind on sending news, but I appreciate your patience. I hope you will check in here on the blog for the latest and greatest news, too!!

There are new raggedies available on a variety of sites, and I hope you will find time to take a peek!! Maybe one of these gorgeous girls will find a home with you!! Simple Annie is available over on Simply Primitives. She is an Annabelle's Attic/Crows in the Attic Primitives original design, and soon to be a pattern, too! She is dressed in a simple homespun frock, and is as precious as can be! A few other great dolls are available on that same site, too!

Available over on The Primitive Gathering I have a couple of new Annabelle's, as well as two other great raggedies, including the one pictured here! Please meet Raggedy Annie Kay, a great prim gal made from a design by Julie Miller, My Raggedy Kids/Polka Dot Pig Primitives!

I have many other new raggedies available on Lemon Poppy Seeds, Country Fried Primitives, and Ebay, too!! Hope you will stop by!

Spring Blessings to all!!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Hi everyone!! I have several new raggedies that are looking for homes!! Perhaps you have a spot in your home, or in your heart, for one of these sweet raggedy gals!! They need to move off the shelf to make room for more raggedies coming out of raggedy factory!! :)

These two gals are among those available at Simply Primitives! I hope you will stop by and take a peek!! Raggedy Blessings to All!!

Friday, February 18, 2011


I have been working hard to get more of my designs into published form, and tonight I finished another of the primitive style raggedies!! Her name is Prissy, and she is a prim gal for sure!!

Prissy measures just about 16" tall, not including the length of her raggedy hair. My model is made from muslin, but she would be a great doll to make from osnaburg, too!

Prissy is made in the time-worn, ragged style, with one button eye not quite securely attached! You can stitch yours on securely, though, if you wish!! :) I wanted Prissy to look like she had been well used and well loved!!

You can find the pattern available here, both in epattern and mailed printed pattern form. Prissy, the model for the pattern, is currently available here!!

Thank you for stopping by!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 Well Underway!!

Where does time go? And this is retirement?? hahahaaa!!! I have taken on more tasks than time in the day allows, but I am having fun!! So all is good!! I will hope to do a better job of keeping this blog up, though. This is pathetic, not to mention embarrassing!!

Raggedy world has been in full swing, with some new raggedy patterns designed, and many new raggedies listed on my various selling sites! I hope you will find time to stop by and take a peek!!

My newest raggedy design (and the model doll is available as well!) is the primitive style Raggedy Maggie Rose! Look for the pattern in epattern form here, and the finished doll here!! Remember that all my pattern, including the raggedy designs, are published under my name Crows in the Attic Primitives!!
Thanks so much for stopping by!! I hope you will sign up for my mail list, and come back often!! Prim Raggedy Hugs, Trudy