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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hello, everyone!! I just want to remind you that I have some WONDERFULLY PRIM raggedies, awaiting new homes, and your home might be just perfect for one or more of them!!

Available on Simply Primitives is this wonderful new design, a very simple rag doll.  She is about 17 inches tall, and I am working on the pattern for her as well!!  Also available on Simply Primitives is this big gal, Raggedy Patty! 

Thank you for stopping by!!  Please use the links on the sidebar to see more wonderful raggedies to add to your collection, too!!  Be sure to email if you have questions!! 

Prim Raggedy Blessings, Trudy

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Spring has sprung for many, and snow is coming for others!! Welcome to our world!! I love both, so I am content!! Here at 6,000 feet in the Colorado Rocky Mountain Front Range we have a bit of both.....Spring green leaves, tulips and daffodils....and snow on the way!! That is Spring in Colorado, and I LOVE it!!

Hopefully all is well with all of you! Thanks so much for stopping by my raggedy blog, and please sign up for my mail list, if you have not done so already!

First of the month updates have been listed for Annabelle's Attic on Lemon Poppy Seeds. I have some lovely raggedies still looking for homes, so I hope you will find something that you must have!! Many raggedies can be viewed following the links on the left sidebar for the many sites that I list my little rag dolls on!! Please stop by for a peek!!

Thank you for stopping by Annabelle's Attic!!